The Bergen County Legal Team

Richard D Kelly has maintained his professional practice as a Lawyer for over 35 years.  He received his Juris Doctorate Degree in 1975 and was admitted to the practice law in the State of New Jersey and the United States Federal Courts for New Jersey that same year.

He maintains an office for the General Practice of Law in Oradell.  He has years of experience working both in and out of the Oradell area and throughout Bergen County areas areas with clients of all backgrounds and ages. He specializes in Real Estate Closings for Buyers or Sellers, Property Law, Mortgages, Financing, Wills, Trusts, Estates, Probate, Municipal Law, Land Use & Zoning.

He has been a Solo Practitioner since 1979.  He prides himself in taking the time needed to clearly explain the procedures and status of a client’s given matter as well as the underlying law pertaining to it.  He utilizes a method of constant communication tailored to the individual client’s needs.  The client must be kept abreast of each and every development throughout his or her representation. Clients are encouraged to communicate through the most convenient means, including email, teleconferencing and in person meetings at his office suite.

Experience has taught Richard D Kelly that issues can and will arise in an unplanned fashion and without notice.  The pride he takes in preparation and keeping a client informed on a regular basis builds the relationship of trust and confidence.  The client who has been educated as to the issues he or she faces and the best way to address such issues, within the parameters of the law, is an educated and informed client. The educated and informed client is better able to participate in how the law affects the outcome of his or her representation.  The client who is satisfied with the legal services rendered will return for future needs and refer others. 

Richard D Kelly previously maintained Law Offices in Hackensack, NJ for 20 years and Dumont, NJ for 10 years.  His office suite in Oradell, NJ is now centrally located and consists of comfortable accommodations for clients.  He serves clients throughout northern New Jersey.

Richard D Kelly has been proudly serving the Bergen County areas communities and Bergen County for many years.  He is extremely proud to be able to offer legal advice, legal counsel and representation in most any areas of the general practice of law, and to most any client, from individuals to corporations and government bodies.

The Law Office Of Richard D Kelly welcomes your call or visit regardless of your legal problem or question.  Prospective clients are encouraged to call for a consultation to discuss their particular situation.  Real Estate clients, in particular, are encouraged to call for a free consultation to discuss the home they hope to buy or sell, long before a one entertains the thought of signing a Contract.  In short, it is never too early to meet and learn the procedures as well as your rights.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us for advice or more information.

At the Law Office Of Richard D Kelly, our utmost priority is to support and represent the community as well as the businesses and government bodies located in the Oradell area and throughout Bergen County.  He will not stop working on your behalf until he is satisfied that he has done everything in his power to bring a resolution to your matter.

Areas of Practice

If you require Oradell legal advice or representation, do not hesitate to call Law Office Of Richard D Kelly today. Someone is standing by to help you take your first step towards addressing the matter(s) at hand.

  • Real Estate Closings: Buyer & Seller

  • Commercial Closings: Buyer & Seller

  • Sale or Purchase of Business: Preparation & Negotiation of Contracts

  • Lease Agreements: Residential or Commercial: Preparation, Review or Negotiation of

  • Corporations: Partnerships: Limited Liability Companies: Formation of same: Annual Meetings: Trading As Names

  • Preparation of Wills & Trusts

  • Probate & Estates of Decedents

  • Motor Vehicle & Traffic Offenses

  • Violation of Municipal Ordinances

  • Municipal Court Representation in any Municipal Court throughout Bergen County

  • Land Use Regulations & Zoning Law: Appearances before Land Use Boards & Municipalities